With mass exodus, Bangalore feels the heat of labour crisis

With mass exodus, Bangalore feels the heat of labour crisis

The ongoing lockdown enforced in the wake of coronavirus outbreak caused labour crisis in the entire country. Karnataka is not immune from it. 

With all the economic activities coming to an abrupt halt the migrant workers are in the real soup. The migrant labourers, who have been the backbone of the state’s development, are a worried lot today. 

Left with no money to sustain themselves nor any work in an alien land, they are desperate to return home. But given the situation arising from the coronavirus threat the government is unlikely to resume transport service anytime soon. 

The patience of the migrant laborers everywhere is wearing thin with each passing day. With no work nor pay their condition has become pathetic. Under the circumstances, they are looking to return to their homes as the only solution.

They have spent all the accumulated wages they eared working in cities like Bangalore, Kalburgi, Davangere, Raichur, Shivamoga, Hubli, etc. on purchasing essentials.

From business to construction all work in the state as also in the country has come to a standstill. Factories are closed. After extending a month’s wages, businessmen and moneylenders too have thrown their hands up.

Bangalore, the state capital, too is feeling the heat of crisis with more than fifty thousand migrant workers from various places in the state descending on the city. From here, they are looking to proceed to their hometowns in neighbouring state of Karnataka as well as northern parts of India.

The state government has appointed Uday Singh as its representative to prevent exodus of the workers. Singh met with some success in his efforts. People listened to him. He assured the workers all the basic amenities and shelter. 

Meanwhile, the lockdown has completed 49 days today. While only five days are left for the completion of third phase of lockdown, the government is planning to extend it to fourth phase. If it happens the woes of the homeless workers are bound to multiply.

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